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Our Mission

We are a Christ-centered community-focused church seeking to have a ripple-effect in our neighborhoods and beyond by loving ourselves, our neighbors, and one another as we live towards peace and justice in Allentown.

Our story

Ripple began as a group in Whitehall who was was curios about Jesus but tired of being hurt by the church. Eventually the leaders felt a call to move into Allentown in 2010. They weren't sure what their "work" would look like, but they were willing to follow the Holy Spirit. The founding pastors began with prayer walks around the city and met Tony who invited them to pray with people under the 8th Street bridge. He was Ripple's first evangelist.

Since the beginning, Ripple has had a heart for those who are lost, living on the margins, and need hope. We have learned what it means to be church and community together. No matter your status, income, lifestyle, or background you are invited to come and see what God is doing in our community. We worship and serve together, recognizing that everyone has gifts and dignity. Just because you are homeless or didn't grow up in the church, doesn't mean you aren't include the service or work of the church. As Ripple church, we work at mutuality and solidarity. How can we share what we have? How can we honor and respect one another? And how can we stand up for those on the margins or feel like they have no voice? In this way God's love Ripples out into the community

Today we meet at St. Stephen's Lutheran Church on the corner of Turner and Franklin Street. Our worship service is always at 4pm with a fellowship meal afterward. As Ripple grows, we continue to keep Jesus as our Center and invite others to join our community. We are not always perfect, but as we seek Jesus, we are all transformed.

If you are seeking a community that desires to follow Jesus

and will encourage and support you, come and join us!

what we believe

Jesus is the Center of our Faith

Community is the Center of our Life

Reconciliation is the Center of our Work

Stained Glass

1421 Turner St

Allentown, PA 18102

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